Small Container Filling Machine OEB6

The small container filling machine for endless liner are used in situations, where high active bulks (API) have to be filled, under strict requirements to product and operator protection. With its integrated pressure regulation, the welding or crimping system and the weighing platform, the filling machine is a fully equipped solution for filling products without any contamination. The filling machines are commonly used in combination with a dosing unit and a sampler.


Your Advantages

  • Containers up to 150 kg can be filled
  • Operator-friendly and intuitive operation
  • The mobile machine, guarantee a great flexibility and availability
  • Control panel and process instruments are mounted on the machine
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Available Approvals
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Containment Rating up to OEL 6

Remo Imoberdorf

Optional Features

  • Isolator system for containment applications up to OEL 6
  • Different type of filling heads for different types of endless liners
  • Inertisation and oxygen monitoring
  • WIP / CIP-compatible executions
  • Welding or crimping system to close and separate the endless liner
  • Execution with decentralised control panel and process instruments