Semi-Automatic Bag Welding Machine ISP(V)

The Semi-Automatic Bag Welding Machines are used in situations, where bags have to be sealed tight after the filling process. The semi-automatic bag welding machine allows the operator to carry out an easy closing of the bag with impulse sealing or ATEX aproved heat-sealing. With the fact that the process can be started with a foot switch, the operator has both hands free to hold and stretch the bag flat. So we can avoid critical folds.

Those Semi-Automatic Bag Welding Machines are commonly used in combination with conveying systems.


Your Advantages

  • Welding temperatures and times can be adjusted individually based on the current used bag material
  • Set of parameters can be saved 
  • Different welding profiles from 3 mm up to 30 mm
  • Special welding profiles such as separating weld seam, shape seams
  • Processing of different containers sizes are possible due to the height adjustment of the welding / sealing head
  • A minimum of interfaces to the existing infrastructure are necessary (power and pressure supply)
  • Easy to clean, no retention areas
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Available Approvals
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Simon Brantschen

Optional Features

  • Vacuuming and purging of the container / bag
  • Multiple welding seams
  • Special welding profiles such as separating welding seam or shape seams
  • Cutting function with a perforating knife or thermal cutting for a clean and defined bag end
  • Executions as mobile units on foot rolls for a high flexibility and availability
  • Additional roller conveyor or conveyor belt to integrate the machine in an existing production line