Small Container Filling Machine for Single Bags

The small-container filling machines for single bags are used in situations, where bulks have to be filled into different sizes of bags. Due to the adjustable lifting table and the filling head with his quick-change system, a lot of different types of containers and bags can be filled on the same machine. Because of the flexibility, the changeover-time can be reduced to a minimum. The filling machines are commonly used in combination with a dosing unit and the flexible connection system BUClamp compensator.


Your advantages

  • Containers up to 150 kg can be filled
  • Flexible set-up due to the adjustable lift table and the filling head with his quick-change system
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Available Approvals
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Containment Rating up to OEB 4

Simon Brantschen

Additional Features

  • Special filling head for containment applications up to OEB 5
  • Pressure regulation (to avoid measurement errors at the weight scale)
  • Inertisation and oxygen monitoring
  • WIP / CIP-compatible executions
  • Control panel and process instruments can be directly mounted onto the machine
  • Mobile executions to guarantee a great flexibility and availability