Filling Head

The filling heads are used, where bulk must be extracted, filled or dispensed dust-free or rather containment free. Typically, the filling heads are mounted below a dosing unit, a butterfly- or segmented ball valve or those are an integrated part of filling machines.


Your Advantages

  • Thanks to the stand-alone design with a pneumatical control for the inflatable seal, the filling head can be easily integrated in an existing equipment
  • In combination with endless liners, containment applications up to OEL 6 are possible
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Available Approvals
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Containment Rating up to OEB 6

Simon Brantschen

Optional Features

  • WIP / CIP-compatible executions
  • Executions with vibrators to prevent bulk hold up
  • Executions with special inflatable seals for single bag applications
  • Expendable with different clamp or screw connections for exhaust, gas inlet or measurement of process parameters as pressure, O₂ content, temperature etc.