Combined Filling Machine for Small Package and FIBCs

The combined filling machine for small containers and FIBC‘s are used in situations, where bulk has to be filled in small containers as well as in FIBC’s . With its combination, a quick changeover is guaranteed  - and all this while maintaining the containment. Those filling machines are commonly used in combination with a dosing unit and a sampler.



Your advantages

  • Small container and FIBC scale are implemented in the same basic frame
  • Filling head with a quick-change system
  • Container type changeover within shortest time
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Available Approvals
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Containment Rating up to OEB 5

Remo Imoberdorf

Optional Features

  • Pressure regulation (to avoid measurement errors at the weight scale)
  • Inertisation and oxygen monitoring
  • WIP / CIP-compatible executions
  • Execution with decentralized control panel and process instruments