Fully automatic bagging machine

Providing bags with printed labels, filling and sealing - all this can be done with the bagging machine! 
Besides the purpose of the machine, one requirement was at the top of the list: Keep the footprint of the machine as small as possible. The result is the compact bagging machine. The stainless steel housing serves to contain dust emissions in the environment and can be used in clean rooms. To ensure all functions, the machine is equipped with various modules:

- 2 magazines for empty bags
- Labelling unit with printer 
- Bag handling module
- Bag filling module with scale
- Sealing unit

Bagging machineBagging machine

Bagging machine



Your advantages

  • Compact design
  • Up to 3 bags per minute (depending on the dosing unit)
  • Bags up to 20kg can be processed
  • 2 magazines to avoid downtime
  • Housing to minimise dust emissions in the environment
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Available Approvals
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Containment Rating up to OEB 3

Remo Imoberdorf

Optional Features

  • Hygienic design version
  • Integration of machine ventilation / connection to the building ventilation system
  • Stratapac bags (Separate inner and outer bags)
  • Housing expandable with a dirt lock
  • Extension of the bagging machine with conveyor belts and robotics