Your request is our incentive

We are an innovative company with 20 employees, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. We develop and manufacture machinery and equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. In a well-established and young team, we develop new technologies, plan and build solutions for ordinary and not ordinary problems of our customers. Our focus is on bulk material technology and packaging processing, but also individual special applications are part of our daily bussines.

Our vision

  • Customer-oriented - We are fascinated by the technology and set standards - this should be an advantage for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • Employees - Every employee has responsibility - A strong trust within the team and the involvement of employees in decision making, from the basis of the close and good cooperation within the company
  • Quality – Satisfy the requested lead time and the quality requirements of our customers
  • Development – development is the key for success in the future. Together with our customers and our engineering department we constantly optimises and develops new solutions to meet the requirements of the market
  • Alignment – We continually optimise our strategic and operational aims, so we remain the reliable partner for our customers also in future