Bag closing machine BV7

The Bag closing machines BV7 are used in situations, where bags have to be sealed tight and without any operator interventions after the filling process. Based on the requirements the machine can be equipped with a bag pull-up, spreading, vacuuming and purging functions.

Those fully automatic welding machines are commonly used in combination with fully automated filling lines and conveying systems.


Your Advantages

  • Different containers can be handled on the same machine (bag, bag-in-box, bag-in-drum)
  • Different bag materials in different sizes can be handled on the same machine
  • Process parameter and container type adjustable by means recipe management
  • Minimal effort between different container sizes due to the automatic container changeover
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Available Approvals
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Simon Brantschen

Optional Features

  • Executions with bag pull-up, spreading, vacuuming and purging function
  • Executions with side gusseted bag folding
  • Executions with multiple welding seams
  • Executions with cutting function with a perforating knife or thermal cutting for a clean and defined bag end
  • Executions with suction hood to reduce the product dust in the welding area