Welding Pincer SZS

The Welding Pincers SZS are used in situations, where endless liner or FIBC bags have to be sealed tight after the filling process. As well as by isolators which are using endless liner ports to charge and discharge. The welding pincer are commonly integrated in a small container filling machine for endless liner or a filling / discharging machine for FIBC. With the option of the thermal cutting system between the both welding seams, we can guarantee a contamination free handling.


Your Advantages

  • The welding temperatures and times can be adjusted individually on the used bag material
  • The compact design allows the integration in existing filling / discharging or isolator systems
  • The mechanical execution can be realized for horizontal or vertical applications
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Available Approvals
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Simon Brantschen

Optional Features

  • Executions with multiple welding seams
  • Executions as mobile units on foot rolls for a high flexibility and availability