A fully automatic filling line and palletising system in the smallest of spaces? Yes, it is possible. Inside the compact bagging system, the bags inserted into the magazine are printed, filled and sealed. To ensure that the bags are filled precisely, a pre-dosing unit is installed above the bagging unit. In addition, the product is checked for metal contaminants. After the bagging unit, the bag is conveyed to the robot via the conveyor belts. A checkweigher and a vision system are also integrated into the conveyor belts, which compare criteria such as weight and labelling with the process control system. The evaluation enables faulty packs to be detected and removed from the process by the robot. In the logistics area, the robot palletises the acceptable packagings onto a pallet, which has previously been placed from the magazine and fitted with a bottom carton. As soon as a pallet is full, it is wrapped with stretch film and discharged. Do you have a similar task to solve? Then please feel free to contact us. 


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 Facts about the bagging unit

  • 2 magazines for 50 bags each 
  • Printer and applicator 
  • Filling station 
  • Welding station with two welding circuits and perforating knife for Stratapac bags
  • Throughput with dosing 2 bags per minute
  • Dosing accuracy of +/-20 g
  • External ventilation and enclosure to achieve ISO8 in the filling chamber

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