Combo Pack-Off


The filling station rethought - the new "Combo Pack-Off" includes several innovations. The newly developed concept for changing between different types of packagings such as endless liners and big bags makes it possible to change over without breaking the container or interrupting cleaning. This saves a lot of time. By combining two scales, containers can be filled over a wide range from 2 kg to 1200 kg in different packaging types according to legal requirements. With the new endless liner cage, even large liners can be changed more easily and with only one operator.

Further features

  • Integrated filter unit and venting unit for inerting with inert gas and regulating the pressure in the container
  • Metal detector including diverter to prevent metal from getting into the containers
  • Containment piston sampler for taking samples during the dosing cycle
  • Extendable cleaning nozzles for WIP cleaning of the system

Products/ modules used
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Execution according to
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Containment rating up to OEB 5

Place of use
Switzerland, Germany
Remo Imoberdorf