Dosing Unit Microdos

The dosing units of the type Microdos are used in situations, where bulks (powder or granular products) with poor flow characteristics have to be dosed with high requirements to the dosing accuracy (1g-range). Those can be installed directly at the bottom of a silo or somewhere in the bulk down-stream. Typically, those are used in combination with the intelligent Dosing Controller BUDos and the flexible connection system BUClamp Compensator.


Your Advantages

  • Dead space free design guarantees WIP / CIP-ability
  • Simple maintenance
  • Dosing accuracy 1g
  • No moving parts inside product room
  • Gentle dosing of the bulk
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Available Approvals
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Simon Brantschen

Optional Features

  • Executions with disposable sleeve system in the product room, which makes cleaning unnecessary