Dosing Unit BUCminiflow

The dosing unit BUCminiflow complements the BUC-family. The significant difference between the BUCminiflow and the BUCsmartflow is, that the BUCminiflow is able to dose powder and granule products with an accuracy up to 1 g. Because of the increased accuracy also small containers can be filled with small amounts. 


Your Advantages

  • Sizes up to DN80
  • Dead space free design guarantees WIP / CIP-ability
  • Cost-effective procurement of spare parts, thanks to the squeeze tube technology
  • Simple maintenance
  • Dosing accuracy 1 g
  • No moving parts inside product room
  • Gentle dosing of the bulk
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Available Approvals
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Simon Brantschen

Optional Features

  • Executions with disposable sleeve system in the product room, which makes cleaning unnecessary
  • Additional fluidisator to encourage the product