Small Container Discharge

The small packaging discharge systems are used in situations, where liquid or bulk form products has to be taken out of a drum or a box. Those are commonly used in combination with vacuum feeder, to convey the product into a other process or in a storage tank.


Your Advantages

  • Due to a pneumatically height adjustment, different sizes of containers can be discharged with the same unit
  • Because of the compact design, the small-container discharge can be used location independently
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Available Approvals
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Containment Rating up to OEB 5

Remo Imoberdorf

Optional Features

  • Execution with an endless liner system for containment applications up to OEB 5
  • Execution with an under-pressure isolator system for containment applications up to OEB 6
  • WIP / CIP-compatible executions
  • Execution with a roller conveyor or belt conveyor for integrating in a production line
  • Mobile executions on rollers (incl. control) for a high flexibility and disposability