Storage Tanks

The storage tanks, or rather silos, are used in situations, where bulk have to be temporarily stored. Silos serve as buffer for continuous processes as spray-drying, or for long lasting processes as batchwise thermal drying. The positive effect of using silos is, that follow-on processes, as filling the bulk into drums, can be time optimised and the efficiency can be increased.


Your Advantages

  • Individual executions tuned to the demands within a very short time
  • Different designs (with corners, round, eccentrical) are available
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Available Approvals
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Simon Brantschen

Optional Features

  • CIP cleaning with nozzles, spray balls and bottom outlet valve
  • Executions with vibrators, fluidisation nozzles etc. to prevent bulk hold up and bridge building
  • Expendable with different clamp or screw connections for exhaust, gas inlet or measurement of process parameters as pressure, O₂ content, temperature etc.
  • Outlet with segmented ball valve for regulating the bulk flow
  • Executions on load cells