Basic Welding Machine B-ISP(V)

The Basic Welding Machines are used in situations, where bags have to be sealed tight after the filling process. The welding machine allows the operator to carry out an easy closing of the bag with impulse sealing or ATEX aproved heat-sealing. With the fact that the process can be started with a foot switch, the operator has both hands free to hold and stretch the bag flat.


Your Advantages

  • Welding temperatures and times can be adjusted individually based on the current used bag material
  • Double welding seam with a length of 600, 800 or 1000 mm
  • Height selectable up to 2 meters
  • A minimum of interfaces to the existing infrastructure are necessary (power and pressure supply)
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Available Approvals
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Simon Brantschen

Optional Features

  • Executions with vacuuming of the container / bag